Welcome to Raghav’s Tech Interview Help Website.
I think it will be a pleasure to share thoughts on Interview questions & Answers with you guys. Just browse through the website to gain knowledge. As this is a collection of Questions and Answers acroos the web world
if you think it is a good one, just let me know….

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  1. Hi, Thanks for this helpful information, but the contents of site are not managed in well manner…please arrange it in well in manner..other things are fine ..if need any help regarding blog design or want to host your blog to good domain name…then you contact me……thanks

  2. Hi,
    I sent your blog link to one of my friend. She cleared cybage interview. She told me that questions on your blog helped her lot.
    thanks on behalf of her.

  3. Thanks a lot ……
    It is very useful to Web Developers and Designers ….
    We are learn lot of new things and cleared many doubts …
    Thanks Lot.. 🙂

  4. HI
    Your blog is very nice and useful. Can post User Interface Design Interview questions and answers.
    I have interview for User Interface Desgign.

  5. Hai,
    You take good effort and this is very useful and informative.
    I found i error on this following url
    question no:2
    your answer is
    2) $test=array( 0=>’one’ , 2=> ‘two’ , ’3 ‘=>’three’ , ’3a’=>5, ‘myindex’); print_r($test); what will be the output?
    Array ( [0] => one [2] => two [3 ] => three [3a] => 5 [3] => myindex )
    my answer is
    Array ( [0] => one [2] => two [3 ] => three [3a] => 5 [4] => myindex )

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